The Ellenbrook Men’s Shed

A place for men with purpose


Are you looking for a group where you can enjoy a cuppa while having a light-hearted chat? Perhaps you are keen to show off your talents or receive guidance on how to make things so you can learn new skills?

Calling all men, no matter your age or background! Now is the best time for you to join a local community group that prioritises fun and mateship. A place where EVERY member is important.

Help us build a community. Bring your ideas. Share your skills.

Come along to the Ellenbrook Men’s Shed and see how you can stay productive whilst also contributing to the community.

It’s YOUR shed, it’s OUR shed. It’s a place to learn something new. So come along and see how you can help launch extra activities to cover a wider range of interests.

What are you waiting for? We have shedloads of goodness to discover.

About Us

Ellenbrook Men’s Shed is a non-profit, non-commercial community organisation providing a safe and friendly meeting place for men to chat, work on projects, build a supportive community, and lend a hand to others.

We aim to provide a safe space where community elders can teach the young guys a few things, and in return the younger generation can teach the old guys a few tricks!

While we still uphold the tradition of being a ‘shed’ where members can fix or make things, the Ellenbrook Men’s Shed is so much more than that. We are here to help you meet like-minded people, have fun, share skills as well as worries, whilst gaining a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. We want to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, and help men to deal with mental health challenges, rebuild communities and in many cases, even save lives. And this is what makes our Men’s Shed so special.

We provide equipment which allows a very wide range of projects to be tackled, and we are also keen to hear your new ideas for other activities. If you don’t have the confidence to operate a machine we will show you how, that includes computers.

In case of an accident or someone becoming unwell we have easy access to two Defibrillators.

We are incorporated and affiliated with the Western Australia Chapter of the Men’s Shed Association.

A major objective of the Men’s Shed is to advance the health, well-being and social inclusion of all members through interest-based activities. We do this by welcoming men to meet and work on projects that are personally satisfying and in many cases making an important contribution to the wider community.

What We Do

Members’ interests are quite diverse, and while common activities include woodwork, wood turning, toy making, metal work, and a discussion group, we are super keen to bring new activities to the group and we encourage members to bring their ideas to the group.

Often we start new activities on a limited basis, so that we can be ready to add those new activities fully in the future, and all ideas are welcome, so don’t be too shy to share an idea.

Why We Do It

Relationships and connections are so important to the overall health of us all. The Ellenbrook Men’s Shed is a concept that responds at a local level to a growing national need for suitable places for men to socialise, participate and contribute.

The outcomes we’ve seen first-hand inspire us every day to keep the group going – and thriving. Our members report positive health and wellbeing outcomes that can be directly linked to being a member of our Men’s Shed. Ellenbrook enjoys a strong community spirit and groups like our Men’s Shed are part of cultivating this. The demand and dramatic growth in membership over the next few years, together with the achievements and enthusiasm of members is ample proof of its worth and value to the wider community.

What We Don’t Do

The Men’s Shed does not just fix furniture and make toys. We do not compete against commercial businesses. The Men’s Shed is not an alternative or replacement for professional tradespersons or other qualified craftsmen.

The Men’s Shed is not a welfare shelter, nor is it an alternative or replacement for the services provided by appropriate health and medical professionals.

How We Do It

The Ellenbrook Men’s Shed Workshop is open Monday to Thursday between 8:30am and 3:00pm; and currently Friday between 9:00am and 12:30pm. 

We have an open door policy, conducting all activities in a non-discriminating manner and with a strong emphasis on the needs and wellbeing of all members. We also maintain a strong focus on safe work practices at all times.

The Future

We have initiated a conversation with the City of Swan to incorporate the premises we need for the next ten years or so with other local non-profits with two aims:

  • First to encourage cross-pollination between all of the non-profits and take advantage of the inevitable synergy created by close contact between the groups.
  • Second, there needs to be a sense of permanency in high quality premises to more than meet the emerging requirements of all of the non-profits for the foreseeable future.


Shed Management Committee. For approval on all shed matters, planning, events, functions and policy.

    Committee Members


    Colin Dacey

    Vice President

    Ian Heyder


    Merv Barrett


    Richard Long

    Other Committee Members

    Chris Bain
    John Anderson
    Arthur Austin
    Dave Woods
    David Ayres
    Ken Robinson
    Hilton Linklater 

    Committee Members Special Responsibilities

    Workshop Management / Stock control / Purchasing Officer

    Chris Bain
    Ian Heyder

    Events / Shed Activities

    John Anderson

    Shed Host / Kitchen Amenities

    Col Dacey
    Arthur Austin

    Marketing / Web Page / Facebook Maintenance

    David Ayres

    Grants / Fund Raising / Membership

    Ken Robinson

    Office Administration / Monitoring Emails

    Dave Woods

    Hub Management

    Richard Long
    Hilton Linklater

    Constitution / Standing Orders

    Hilton Linklater

    Functions & Responsibilities

    • Workshop Management / Stock control / Purchasing Officer
      Management of workshop area, pricing, and scheduling of jobs, control of purchases of materials and consumables, small tools and machinery repair and replacement.

    • Events / Shed Activities
      Organising and running shed events and activities, including guest speakers and bus trips for members.

    • Hosts / Kitchen Amenities
      Shed Hosts, operating on a daily roster basis. Cleaning, co-opting where necessary, the interior and facilities of the building including the workshop areas. Rule enforcement, kitchen stocking, and catering. Meet and greet of guests and new members. Shed sales processing. 

    • Internet Marketing / Web Page / Facebook
      Internet-based marketing of shed activities and items for sale. Keeping the Web page and Facebook pages updated with current information.

    • Grants / Fund Raising / Membership

    • Grants & Sponsorships Coordinator
      Identifying and co-ordination of submission for approval of projects. Looking for opportunities to fundraise and to boost membership.

    • Understudy Office Administration / Monitoring Emails
      Assisting with the administration of shed and monitoring emails and phone messages.

    • Understudy for Sheds Administration Computer Program

    • Hub Management Building / Hub Sub Committee
      Men’s Shed planning, non-profit, government and local council coordination. Maintaining and reviewing the sheds constitution and standing orders.


    Keen to get out of the house to a place where your voice will be heard?

    Because of insurance and safety constraints, we aim to have a membership of men within the age range of 25 up to lively centenarians.

    While we encourage members who wish to use their existing practical talents in wood and metal, we are keen to welcome members who have talents not covered by our current activities, especially those who are prepared to share their talent by heading specialist sections and showing others how to constructively take part. Remember we are there to bring men together in a relaxed environment, whilst also using activities as a way of keeping mentally and physically fit.

    Members run and operate the Men’s Shed. For safety and insurance reasons, members using fixed equipment need to satisfy the Shed’s safety leaders that they have adequate knowledge and experience to operate that equipment. Unqualified members, and visitors may not operate the equipment.

    We require every member to wear an identification badge that identifies the equipment groups they can use safely.

    The overall aim of Ellenbrook Men’s Shed is to provide a safe and supportive environment for persons of all ages and backgrounds to gather, volunteer, work, and seek fellowship with other like-minded people.

    Our Aim

    We aim to

    • Promote the mental, physical, emotional, and economic wellbeing of individuals in our community.
    • Maintain an ‘open door’ policy, not rejecting any person on the basis of ethnicity, age, disability or religion, if any
    • Provide a safe physical and supportive social environment
    • Offer a range of activities and programs in accordance with the interests of the Shed’s members and attendees, with the intention of furthering these aims and objectives. To respect the rights and decisions of members and attendees, as long as they follow all guidelines, safety policies, and other procedures laid down in the Policies and Procedures Manual.
    • In addition, it is our aim to respect the confidentiality and privacy of members, associates and attendees, except where life may be in direct danger or where compliance with legislation may be required.

    In order to achieve these ambitious aims we expect from you the following

    • That all members will actively participate in the activities of the ‘Shed’, contributing as much time and effort as needed/requested.
    • All members are expected to respect each other and their opinions at all times and under no circumstances make any remarks or make any statements or take any action, either privately or publicly that may offend, threaten, or upset another member.
    • All members are expected to respect the common sense safety and cleanliness codes.
    • Don’t use a machine if you don’t know how to use it, as laid down in its manual, and always ensure that if you make a mess, no matter how small, that it is cleaned up correctly using the correct materials to do so before leaving that machine or workstation. Dispose of any waste in the correct manner.
    • All members are expected to absent themselves if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • All members are to abide by the rules of the Shed, a full copy of which is available to read in the Shed.
    • Finally, occasionally, photographs or videos are taken in the Shed for promotional purposes, the shed expects that you give permission to use these images where necessary.

    All members doing their own projects are doing them for non-commercial reasons and contribute an agreed amount if using Shed materials and equipment, and dedicate an equal amount of time on the group activities, whether it be in making things or performing some other service.

    Where this is impractical the Shed is entitled to receive 50% of any commercial value gain to cover the costs incurred in using the Shed’s facilities, this will in the form of a donation.

    Membership Costs

    Fees and any purchases made can be paid at the Shed in either cash or card or directly by bank transfer or Paypal. In this case an invoice will be issued.

    Joining Fee – $30

    A once off payment Covers the cost of registration for each member

    Full Year Membership – $50

    Covers a full membership year July to June and is renewable every year in June.

    Each member is provided with a “dress shirt” which we hope will be used on all special occasions, the fee also covers the cost of insurance. Ellenbrook Men’s Shed work shirts are available for sale. It would be appreciated if these shirts were worn while attending the Shed.

    Tea, coffee, and biscuits are always available in the tearoom for which we ask for a gold coin daily contribution.

    Partial Annual Membership – $25

    For those prospective members joining between December & March of the current membership year, the fee is $25.

    If joining in April or May of the current membership year, the fee is $10.

    For prospective members, joining in June, the last month of the membership year, there is no charge for that year but will be required to pay the next year’s full fee of $50.

    Carer’s Fee – $10

    This fee for carers covers supervision of the operation of all equipment (if the member is qualified) and for the use of all services and facilities provided by Ellenbrook Men’s Shed. 

    Attendance is limited to one day per week for a maximum of 3 months, after which time a full membership is required for the Carer.

    Member Application

    * When you join we ask that you complete a medical form which is inserted into an envelope, sealed and held in the office. No member of the Shed ever sees the content of this form. It is only retrieved in the event of the member becoming ill or is involved with an accident, in which case it is handed to the medical person in attendance.

    In addition to being able to meet and chat with other members of perhaps similar age and circumstance, we encourage you to use your skills to benefit the other members of the Shed and local community or simply enjoy a good cup of tea.

    Monthly Prize Draw

    Each month there is a lucky draw with a prize of a $50 voucher for a good local restaurant available to be used by the lucky member and partner if they wish. The chances of winning the monthly draw are enhanced by regular attendance, being involved with the Shed manufacture, or by volunteering to carry out an important role in the running of the Shed.

    Ellenbrook Men's Shed

    Interest Groups & Projects

    Current Interest Groups

    • Woodwork assembly including toys, games, early learning tools, medium and large projects
    • Wood turning
    • Refurbishment of furniture and other items
    • Clock surrounds
    • Basic metal work
    • Metal welding
    • Bus trips to places of interest and Tenpin Bowling
    • Various talks of interest by external specialists
    • Male cooking lessons

    Activities & Projects

    Although we are currently limited by space and expertise* we intent to extend our activities to include
    • 3D Printing
    • Art & Sculpture & Carving
    • Basic Mechanics
    • Bookbinding
    • Computer Use & Repair
    • General Craft including Sewing, Quilting & Embroidering
    • Physical Exercise & Inside Bowls
    • Fishing Tackle Making with winding machines and ovens
    • Gardening
    • Leatherwork & Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines
    • Practical Cooking
    • Model Making
    • Pottery
    • Reading & Library
    • Repair – Antique Clocks
    • Repair – Small Engines
    • Repair – Small machines
    • Restoration – Agricultural Equipment
    • Restoration – Cars
    • Stained Glass/Lead Lighting
    • Upholstery

    * To achieve the above, we are looking for people with expertise that would like to spare the time and willing to share their knowledge with existing & potential members. If you are interested in using your knowledge and skill to help others please contact the Secretary.

    Future plans include an increase in floor area of approximately 1000 square metres which is 3x the existing floor area, being part of the community Hub. We will start small in the next 18 months ready for rapid expansion in 3 years.

    An exciting future is foreseen, get in at the beginning.

    Welcome to The Outhouse

    Have you read our monthly newsletter?

    We are putting together an edition each month as a way to keep you up to date on member news, showcase our completed projects, and promote upcoming events.

    Grab a cuppa and have a read because hopefully each edition will give you something to smile at, something to look forward to, and will keep you informed on all member news.

    Now, obviously we are amateurs rather than million dollar media tycoons so we will do our best to produce a quality edition each quarter.

    Any feedback (good or bad, but go easy on us!) please feel free to get in touch.

    If you have a story to contribute, or photos etc then please contact us with your input.

    The Future Of The Community Hub

    Ellenbrook Men’s Shed currently has over 70 members of which typically 20-25% attend on the days we are open. With an increasing number of activities this is growing around 20% per year. Our aim is to increase the available activities substantially over the next 3 years and this combined with planned increased area and days of activity we are expecting to grow to over 300 members.

    We are in negotiation with all levels of government to provide a building dedicated to as many non-profits within the great Ellenbrook area as possible, and known as the Hub.

    We are acting as project leader on behalf of not only the Men’s Shed but also the other non-profits in the greater Ellenbrook area.


     Night Out Under The Stars

    SUNDAY October 11th (7pm – 9.30pm)


    We are very pleased to announce the extraordinary, unique, once in a lifetime opportunity for a personalised guided tour to view the amazing stargazing night – view the amazing stargazing night sky delights above Perth at the Perth Observatory located in the beautiful Bickley Valley high up in the Perth Hills just a short 35 minute drive from Ellenbrook.

    Join our host for the evening, Matt Woods, as he guides us through the night sky. View Nebulars, Star Cluster, Alberto the blue and yellow star, Transinsular Nebular and best of all Jupier & Saturn will be high in the sky due to the clear night sky as the moon is in a low position for this incredible night viewing session.

    Read More

    Take a look through the Museum at your own leisure and learn about the history of Perth Observatory before listening to an astrological talk guiding us through the stars and universe.

    There will be opportunities to look through Telescopes towards the night sky and view the stars and planets.

    This is a very special night not to be missed!

    Doors open 7 pm, and the tour starts 8pm until 9:30pm
    Strictly limited spaces available ( Maximum 38 people)


    $15 – Shed Members, partners and grandchildren aged 5 to 17

    $45 – Regular price

     A Christmas Dinner at the Abbey

    FRIDAY December 10th (6pm – 9.00pm)

    We are happy to announce that our annual Christmas Dinner will be held this year at The Abbey restaurant, 8691 West Swan Road, Henley Brook, WA 6055 starting at 6:00pm. The Abbey, for those who don’t know it, is less than a 10 minute drive from Ellenbrook Central and has more than enough car parking space.

    The dinner will be two courses, the main course being a traditional Christmas roast meal followed by a choice of scrumptious desserts, both served buffet style, so orders are not necessary.

    A range of Australian beers, some of Belgium’s finest beer and a good range of local wines are available before and during the meal. The fully air-conditioned restaurant and rustic interior style well suits what should be a great relaxed informal evening.
    Subsidised price $30 per head (Member & Guest).

     Coming Soon

    • A tour of the Mineral Resources Limited (MRL) Kwinana Workshops (engineering and R&D)
    • Talk by St John’s for first aid
    • Talk by the Fire Department on fire safety in the home
    • Various talks by UWA lecturers on subjects interesting to Shed Members
    • A smoking ceremony and talk about Aboriginal culture customs and local history
    • A talk on health and well-being, nutrition and exercise to keeping active by an MRL Personal Trainer

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    WA 6069

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